E-mail Integration for Nearby Shops

In this article we will learn how to enable e-mails for your app.

You can enable e-mail for nearby shops app by configuring e-mail settings in the api_config.properties file available on the server. In this file you will be able to setup your smtp server url, port, username and password and other e-mail settings !

    cd ~/nearbyshops
    sudo nano api_config.properties

For e-mail there are many service providers like mailgun, sendgrid etc. Just register your account on any of your favourite e-mail provider and get your smtp credentials. Put those in the api_config.properties file.

Dont forget to restart the server after making changes to the api_config.properties file.

To restart your server use the following commands

                      sudo systemctl restart nearbyshopsapi
                      shutdown -r now

If you face any difficulty feel free to get in touch with us on our forum !