SMS-OTP Integration for Nearby Shops

In this article we will learn how to enable SMS-OTP for your app.

Please note that currently SMS integration is only available in India through msg91 SMS integration.

We will provide integration with another International SMS providers as the demand arises. Nearby Shops project is open-source so even you or anyone else can add SMS integration to the project.

SMS-OTP integration is required to enable your app to send SMS or OTP. Sending SMS is needed for various reasons. It is required to verify the phone number at the time of sign-up. It is also required to send the user live status updates for the order. As an example a user can receive SMS updates when his order is packed and out for delivery.

Signing up using verified phone numbers has become a standard practice these days. This helps us to ensure we have legitimate and verified users on your app platform and therefore it helps in building more trust.

To integrate and start SMS-OTP service in your app currently we use msg91 platform. Dont worry msg91 is not the only way to enable SMS in your app. We will soon add various other integrations with various other SMS services.

To integrate your app with msg91 SMS service is a very simple process. You just need to sign-up on and start your SMS subscription by making a payment and get your msg91 api key.

    cd ~/nearbyshops
    sudo nano

Then you need to update the msg91 API key in the file which is available with the api jar file. After you update the msg91 api key in the file. Just restart the server and you are done. The SMS-OTP facility should start now !

                      sudo systemctl restart nearbyshopsapi
                      shutdown -r now

If you face any difficulty feel free to get in touch with us on our forum !