Submit your Instance to Market Aggregators

Steps for Submission to Market Aggregator

1. Submit to Nearby Shops Market Aggregator
2. Submit your app to Other Market Aggregator's


Nearby Shops single-market mode and multi-market mode !

Step 1 : Submit your Instance to Nearby Shops Market Aggregator

When you setup your instance to work in multi-market mode your local market becomes visible and accessible to the users of Nearby Shops mobile app platform.

In this way your market can benefit from the popularity and visibility of the Nearby Shops platform. And this can reduce your marketing budget and help you gain more audience for your local market free of cost.

Nearby Shops is a Nonprofit Open-Source Platform and we do not charge any fee to the service providers to get their market listed on our platform. Nearby Shops is free of cost for Service Providers.

Let us discuss how you can get your local market listed on Nearby Shops Platform. To get your Instance (Local Market) Listed on Nearby Shops platform. Please follow the instructions given below !

Step 1 : Go the the file

    cd ~/nearbyshops
    sudo nano

Step 2 : Add "" to the trusted market aggregators
So after adding that to your api config file your file would look like !

                      trusted_market_aggregators =

Step 3 : Submit your Local Market !

Download the Nearby Shops end-user app from the homepage of
In this app go to the markets screen.

You will see the + button in the markets screen. When you press this button you will be asked to provide your market url and make a submission.

Step 2 : Submit your Instance to other market aggregators

Theoretically there could be many market aggregators. And technically it is possible for a service provider to submit their Instance to multiple market aggregators. Nearby Shops is just one of the many market aggregators.

you simply have to repeat the above procedure for different market aggregators.

Right now there isnt any other market aggregator but in future we may have ... or if you want to build one you can ... The tutorial for how to build a market aggregator will be provided !

We want to ensure that their is a level playing field and no vendor lock-in for service providers ... therefore all the technology will be made open-source.


Nearby Shops Multi-Market mode and Single-Market Mode

Nearby Shops mobile app can be setup in compile time to work in one of the two different modes. One is single-market mode and another is multi-market mode. In the Single market mode the app is configured to access only a single market. But in multi-market mode the app is configured to access more than one local market each self-hosted by a different service provider.

In multi-market mode the user can see the list of multiple local markets available at his location and he can select and shop using any local market out the many available markets.

Both multi-market mode and single market mode has their own pros and cons. While single market mode can give you more independence and autonomy but will require a higher marketing budget. While in multi-market mode your market will benefit from the popularity of the platform and will get free of cost marketing and audience for your app.

Moreover in multi-market mode it is easier to setup, maintain and update the app. While in single -market mode it gets a little more complicated to keep your code in sync with the original codebase and update your app.

To get a better understanding let us see another example. A single-market mode is like a wordpress website designed for single publication. While multi-market mode is like website. is a single platform that contains many different publications.

Wordpress Website = Single Publication = (similar to) Single-Market Mode

Medium Platform = Multiple Publications = (similar to) Multi-Market Mode

You can setup your instance in 3 different ways.

1. Single-market Mode : Your instance is configured to work Only in Single-Market mode

2. Multi-Market Mode : Your instance is configured to work Only in Multi-market Mode

3. Dual Mode : Your instance is configured to work in both single-market mode and multi-market mode simultaneously

In the following part of his tutorial we will see how we can setup your instance to work in all the above mentioned modes.

Facing difficulty in understanding ? ... let us know ! If you have any questions and queries feel free to get in touch with us on our forum