Customize android App

In this article we will learn how to customize Nearby Shops android apps

Prerequisite Knowledge

To understand this guide you dont need to be an expert but basic knowledge of android studio and java will help you. Even if you dont have this knowledge you can always hire an android developer and ask them to do this for you. It is recommended that you learn it which is really easy so that you can update the app yourself.

Steps for Customization

1. Connect your app to your Instance
2. Change app Package name
3. Update Package name in google-services.json file
4. Change brand name and logo
5. Change color scheme
6. Change empty screen graphics (optional)
7. Setup Third Party Integrations
8. Setup website links

Let us begin the step by step guide for how to customize your android apps

Step 1 : Connect your app to your Instance

To connect the app with your instance. Clone our android app repository. Then open it with latest stable release of android studio. And search for file custom_settings.xml in the values folder. Set custom_url equal to your instance domain name.

Tip : A simple way to Search in Android studio is to press double shift. And then type the file name in the search bar.

To test the successful connection run the app from android studio and install on your android phone. If you are able to see few sample vendors it confirms that your connection with your server is successful.

Step 2 : Change app Package name

If you want to publish your app on the google play store. You must be aware that each app needs to have a unique package name because on google play store the app's package name acts as a unique identifier for the app.

To ensure that you have a unique package name we recommend that you purchase a domain name and be an owner of that domain name. And use that domain name as a package name for your app. This is not a mandatory step but its a best recommended practice to ensure that your package name remains unique so that you dont face legal hurdles and issues in future.

Given below are some really good tutorials on how to change your package name and they are good enough to give you an idea for how you can change your package name.

You can just see more of such tutorials by typing "change package name android" on any of your favourite search engine.

If this is not sufficient and you're still unable to do this step feel free to get in touch with the community at our forum.

Step 3 : Update Custom Settings in Android App

Press Double Shift and search for custom-settings.xml file. This file contains various settings and values which will help you customize your app. Settings like your App Name, App Logo, App Package Name that will help customers give Rating for your app on Google play, what is your support helpline number, link to privacy policy and terms of service.

Please read the description about each setting in the comments given above each setting. And configure the setting accordingly.

Step 4 : Update app_type, app_name and custom_icon in Custom Settings

Generate Customer App

In order to generate customer app set app_type as app_type_main_app, app_name as app_name_main_app and custom_icon as app_logo_main_app as shown in the following image

Generate Vendor App

In order to generate vendor app set app_type as app_type_vendor_app, app_name as app_name_vendor_app and custom_icon as app_logo_vendor_app as shown in the following image

Generate Delivery App

In order to generate delivery app set app_type as app_type_delivery_app, app_name as app_name_delivery_app and custom_icon as app_logo_delivery_app as shown in the following image

Generate Admin App

In order to generate admin app set app_type = (equal to) app_type_market_admin_app, app_name = (equal to) app_name_market_admin_app, custom_icon = (equal to) app_logo_market_admin_app as shown in the following image.

Step 5 : Update Package name in google-services.json file

In your android studio press double shift and search for google-services.json file. You need to update your package name in this file also. Until then your app will not be updated !

Step 6 : Change Brand name and Logo

You can set your app name and app logo in the custom_settings.xml file.

If you face any problem feel free to get in touch with us on our forum.

Step 7 : Change Color scheme

You can define your own color scheme for the app and choose your colors according to what you like and what suits you the best. You need to provide three colors. Color primary, color primary dark and color secondary. These are the theme colors for the android app. You can choose your colors from . This is a very good website which can help you choose your colors for your app.

You can define your custom color scheme in your colors.xml file or style.xml file.

Step 8 : Custom graphics and Illustrations

You can use your own custom graphics and illustrations in your app. Whenever you feel appropriate.

Step 9: Setup third party integrations

You might need to setup Push Notifications and Maps by setting API Keys in the android app. The instructions for these integrations are provided in the Integrations Section.

Step 10 : Setup links to website, terms of service and privacy policy

Google Play requires your app to have a mandatory Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Make sure to put your own custom links. You can set links to your website, terms of service and privacy policy in custom_settings.xml